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Reviews for "Human, Eagle, Mouse"

Good and fluid animation. The storyline was abit weird but hey, I enjoy random stuff like that. That evil eagle really cracked me up!

CrabbWalker responds:


This flash was nicely done. The animation was sharp and fresh. The heroic ending was surprising in terms of predator and prey in Natures Cycle. The sound effects blended with the scenery and actions of the three characters. The music was nicely and decently chosen to fit each moment and scene. I kind of think there is a message in this some where but here is what I think it is, "No matter how small you are, no matter the size of your body, no matter strength of your muscles, no matter the intelligence , you can be a hero."

I do have one problem that shot it down to a 4.5.
Some of the scenery had the shading and coloring nearly correct, if it wasn't for some of the characters not in the right shaded color in a shaded place. For example, when the camera zoomed out to show the Mountain Climber and the branch her gadget was on. If you look closely, the side she was climbing on had three basic levels of shading which I am fine with. But, what really bugged me is where the shading was placed, and where the Climber was placed. She had hardly any shading her . I'm not sure if it's the color of her Climbing outfit or what, but the shading was not there for me.

CrabbWalker responds:

Thank You!

Whoa, awesome animation approach and quality!
I really like some of the subtle background layers, they add to the atmosphere nicely.
The scene where the woman loses her cell phone while scaling the mountain reminds me a lot the Shin Chan anime series, which I am a huge fan of!
Anyway, this is great stuff, and I will be on the lookout for your future endeavors.

CrabbWalker responds:

Thanks, I'll probably post another one late August to early September :)

The animation is fluid and skilled, but it is an animation that defy logic, the phone that the human drop on the branch was later found to be on the same height or even higher, and a distance away from the human, and damn, the female human climbed the snowed slippery mountain with her bare without any tools? And I thought eagles eat mouses? Since it's a cartoon, I can ignore that part of predatory system. But a eagle being able to summon a blizzard and break and create cracks and being easily knocked down and crashed on a wall by a mice is beyond me. :/

CrabbWalker responds:

Definitely logic-defying lol

forget the mouse killing an eagle someone please tell me how an eagle flapping its wings summons a blizzard and breaks mountains.