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Reviews for "Human, Eagle, Mouse"

First 5 star in a while.

totally weirded me out when her phone dropped really far down, but it ended up side by side with her. Not sure how the phone had any importance to the video but it ended up disappearing in the end. bgm was good, animation could use some work but it is good enough, but story line is something that will most definitely draw people in, if not a story there should be something to gain whether it's wacky or not. I did not feel like i understood what you are trying to express.

CrabbWalker responds:

Thanks for your constructive criticism. I'll admit, my original storyboarding for this was sloppy, but I guess that was mostly due to me deciding that I will take a totally whimsical approach. I agree, it could be much, much better. Chao!

Interesting story and the music choises were good. Animations and sounds are ok but not special. The ending was a little easy for me.

Now that was an amazing video!!!!!!!!!

CrabbWalker responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate it!

So, how did the phone end up on that branch? I mean, it fell down on the branch and then the branch and the phone were at the same altitude as the pajama woman (guy? O.o).
The eagle looked like a crow to me and it was weird seeing her cracking the mountain (even the crack and the way the rock broke away were... strange).

Overall, the animation was smooth and the storyline was... entertaining.

CrabbWalker responds:

There was definitely some anatomical weirdness with the Eagle which looked like a crow half-breed at times lol. This was sort of my first real tackle on a somewhat profressional-looking animation, in which, definitely looking back at the comments, there are some impossibilities (obviously). Even I looked back at it and wondered, "How in the world is she climbing 90 degrees with no support or harness?" but most of my inconsistencies I can put off with saying it's a cartoon :) Thanks for the constructive criticism