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Reviews for "Transmorpher 2"

preaty good game, exept for a some areas were the tranformation n°2 doesn`t work at all, you cueld samsh that 2 and stil wont change, I checked my keyboard jest in case but that wasn`t it, the game jest has a bug that needs fixing

Great game!!!

A fun and good game :)
Thanx for medals! ^^

Great Game: good graphics, interesting gameplay, creative and diverse level design, good job!!
I think this can be improved to make it perfect:
- A (good) Ending
- A final boss (i suppose the power generator was the final boss... but i would like to see a villain, something that fights back and has personality)
Besides i found 2 bugs:
- in the gravity warp zone, the moving platforms that had a linear path didn't move anymore after i died so i had to quit the level
- the first time i entered the rocket zone, the level didn't load, just showed a (blue-ish background) image
Anyway, this was a Great game, Thanks and good luck!

I had an issue with using mechanics that had accidentally been missed like moving platforms. They would go again if it reset. Still pretty good