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Reviews for "Transmorpher 2"

I like it!

I'm afraid I can't vote this very high, because while it is a good game, it is first very easy and second, NOT A SEQUEL, it's a level pack, there is nothing new, the gameplay is exactly equal to the original, but for what it is, it's very good

I got the same problem as xAyjAy.. i hit play and end up with a white screen and music. nothing else..

i use a mac with safari and the most recent flash update.

What a great game! First i got some JazzJackRabbit feeling but it turns out te be a game in your own style. There are no bugs and the switching between caracters makes some great moments. Animations and music is good! I only miss some guns to shoot with.

i do not know why, but i can not play this game. everytime i click on start the screen gets black and the only thing that plays is the music. not even refreshing the game works

i use windows7, mozilla firefox and the newest version of adobe flash player.