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Reviews for "Transmorpher 2"

the game bugged in warp zone anti gravity at the last part when i had to move a box, i accidentally pushed the box to the edge and had to kill myself, respawning before the automated lifts, but now they cannot be activated and i am stuck

This was a lot of fun! I would have had even more fun if there was a change quality setting. Also can you please do something about the first warp world or whatever, first I accidentally missed the platform and it never came back so I had to restart, then at the very end I accidentally pushed the crate against the wall and couldn't move it to where it was supposed to be. I had to restart, again.

I like it a lot, nice mindless time-waster. However, I really think it would've made more sense to have the "COLLECT THIS" stuff a different color from the "AVOID THIS" stuff. Otherwise, fun game.

OK game. Nothing special, although I was enjoying it until I couldn't carry on on the anti-gravity level. Once you activate the moving platforms and die, they never come back. Prehaps I am rubbish at the game, but I think this is a bug.

This is a good fun game, just a few minor bugs, like: on the anti-gravity lvl, once you step the light that activates the moving platforms, if you don't jump on the platforms, the platforms leave and never come back, even if you die; on lvl 11 you can get stuck bellow the moving platform near the exit.
This is really minor though.