Reviews for "Rhythm Rock"

Very cool game! Easy medals

I like it... it was a shame my keyboard is like a micro SD card so i can barely play, but this is very fun to play, but it would be funner with more features.

This game is very easy.
No challenge really.
I was hoping to press two arrows at the same time but it was all the same to me.
The last medal ( Get 2,000 ) Is not as hard as it sound.
It's okay but it still need some work.
Game play: 3 Stars
Design: 1 Stars
Fairness: 2 Stars
Overall: 2 Stars

Besides the title , is this game really basic. The arrows eventually don't sync with the song, there is no background, no animation when you hit an arrow on the arrow spot , no other songs?. My advice: Don't upload things that aren't finisht and put more time into it. And WHY didn't you call this Rythm Dubstep, cause I didn't hear any Rock in it. I Hope in the future that it will be more than this!

It's not bad but really not all that interesting. I know you were doing this as a test - but I thought it was going to be typing rather than just watching the arrows float by...best of luck with working with AS3