Reviews for "Going Down"

You must enjoy insulting the players, I can't recall how many intelligence insults were tossed at the player during this game. Ironically in the English section of the quiz, right after yet another insult was hurled about the users competence of the English language, you misspelled "problem" with "problem". 2 stars.

kinda dumb

Kinda boring unless you really like to take quizzes. The animation was sub-par. I like the concept of a screw your way out of Hell game, but this one just didn't do it for me. Had the sex scenes been longer and more interactive, and the artwork and animations been more polished, then I'd have scored it higher.

Couldn't get past the awful graphics. Sorry.

Absolutely dreadful animation, which defeats the point of getting through the arbitrary quizzes. 1 star solely for associating high school knowledge with hell; damn, that was such ass. There's no reason a layman should need to know whether the American civil war started in 1861 or 1865. Less focus on worthless trivia, and people might actually be able to remember the correct decade.