Reviews for "Going Down"

THIS is how you keep kids on their toes (kinda). And aside from the 6th grade-tier Flash, it's moderately amusing.

story was ok

graphics are terrible,

the sex scenes were bad

2 stars for the story alone

pretty lame to have to redo the entire intro when replaying... would be nice to just restart the questions.

You must enjoy insulting the players, I can't recall how many intelligence insults were tossed at the player during this game. Ironically in the English section of the quiz, right after yet another insult was hurled about the users competence of the English language, you misspelled "problem" with "problem". 2 stars.

Sex added to a quiz game about hell equals interesting. The game does insult the players very often. The sex scenes were short. The medals work, and I earned them all.