Reviews for "Going Down"

a suggestion for a next game:

concerning history, there IS more to history then the usa, in fact, most people outside of the usa really dont know most of these questions, they simply dont matter outside the usa

The game was crap, but I loved the Plot hole joke. 3 stars.

Pretty good game, it was funny and i'm glad I played it. The only thing i didn't like was that if you lose you have to start ALL THE WAY over... Other than that, its good

Managed to get all three medals :p


Q: What does the mitochondia do in a cell?
R: They help generate ATP for the cell

Q: What type of cell has a cell wall?
R: A plant cell

Q: How do sex cells reproduce?
R: Meiosis

Q: What is mitosis?
R: A division of a cell which results in two daughter cells

Q: What does ATP stand for?
R: Adenosine triphosphate

Q: WHich is the first enzyme used in DNA synthesis?
R: Helicase


Q: What does deduct mean?
R: TO subtract

Q: That is another word for envy?
R: Jealousy

Q: What does drawback mean?
R: A disadvantage

Q: What is another word for integrity?
R: Honor

Q: What is hulabaloo?
R: A bunch of noise

Q: What does fragmental mean?
R: Consisting of small parts


Q: What is the capital of Spain?
R: Madrid

Q: Which continent is Luxembrug on?
R: Europe

Q: What is the capital of the Czech Republic?
R: Prague

Q: What is the capital of Wisconsin?
R: Madison

Q: Where are the Ural Mountains located?
R: Russia and Kazachstan

Q: Where is Estonia located?
R: Northern Europe


Q: WHo was the first president of the US?
R: George Washigton

Q: What does the second amendment allow?
R: The right of bear arms

Q: When did the Boston Tea Party occur?
R: 1773

Q: What was the Underground Railroad?
R: A network of people who helped slaves flee from the SOuthern States to the North

Q: Who proposed the idea of the separation of church and state?
R: Thomas Jefferson

Q: When did the American Civil War start?
R: 1861


Q: What do horses eat?
R: Carrots

Q: What is generally seen as an acceptable form of celebrating Christmas?
R: Spending time with ine's family

Q: What do most people use flags for?
R: Showing an allegiance to a given nation or cause

Q: What can a rock do?
R: Not much, it's a fucking rock you idiot

Q: Which of the following grows on trees?
R: Apples

Q: Which of the following animals lives in the ocean?
R: Fish