Reviews for "Going Down"

I'm grateful a game developer such as yourself, has the guts to be so open about his work. From my own experience, the best learning comes from watching/playing all your work, every so often. Ride the road you built, as you would have others do.

The quiz-to-sex idea is spot on, nothing like smart sex to justify the time spent playing... but the sex animation itself, looks like 3 frames dissolving into one another, to appear animated: it just doesn't look good.

Also, if you re-enter any of the rooms after you've beaten one of the 4 quiz-sets, you have to take the whole quiz all over again, and complete from that point :\ Traditionally, you get a scene of text asking if you want to play the sex scene again, or continue on.

Anytime you fail, you should only fail that room or scene.. I failed the last cracky lady (second to last question may be incorrect) and got knocked all the way back to press start! Not motivated to go through all that again, sorry.

If you could improve on the animation and programming of this piece, I'd be happy to play the re-submitted version.

The sex scenes were horrible, but the endings were hilarious.

Man I never knew that taking a quiz can get you out of hell?

The "best nachos?" line was all I needed xD

I came for the lame sex scenes, but I'm big on passive agressiveness, reminds me of my teens. :D