Reviews for "Going Down"

That "THUD" gets me every time...

I'll agree with the others. The replaying takes away from the fun of the game, but I like the effort you put into this (I'm guessing this is what you were referring in that message. The link didn't work). Your drawing skills are getting better, though they can sometimes be inconsistent, where the women will go from being super attractive to becoming a little fatter or wider or they're eyes are farther apart. Still, you definitely showed your versatility in skills with the four demon women. I did find a few other problems with the game that I'll list
- When you quickly click through the beginning audio between the demon guy and main character, sometimes the audio doesn't skip and it will play overtop of each other (was this the audio issues you were referring to?)
- One of the last groups of questions says what is not a usual way to celebrate Christmas. I think you meant what is a usual way.

I have two personal complaints. I don't really like the scenes where the guy's having sex with the girls, but this just my personal preference. Also, someone below commented on the plot of the game. It kind of reminded me of how my friends describe porn videos with them being corny and unrealistic. I know the running joke your using, but after you've played the first 3 quiz games, the joke gets old.
How about having some tough questions, like on programming to make it more up your alley. Or you could have a find the object game in a house where each one you bring back, the women strip for you. You could even have a plot where the guy stumbles upon a secret "House of Pleasure" or aka a whore house. Sorry if it sounds like i'm being harsh. I just don't want your games to fall into a rut.

I'd like to bring up a subject I mentioned in a previous comment. I think you'd be awesome at making Escape Games. Still, don't let this stop you. This was a tremendous effort. Keep it up!

DeSaGames responds:

These are the types of reviews which help make any game better!
The audio work in this was a giant pain, I haven't really ever had to face any audio work in flash in the past so it was quite a challenge getting the sounds to play when they are meant to play. The audio problems were a bit more severe at the beginning and caused most of the sounds to start playing at the same time when frames past a certain spot were entered, fairly annoying stuff. But yeah, I'll definitely work on my audio placement skills for the next game.

I'm not planning on making any more quiz games for a while now, the next project I have in mind is a mouse maze game.
I played around with the idea of an escape the room game, the main problem for me with that is the coding. I'm absolutely awful at Actionscript but I am trying to learn, with each game I do try to add in something I have absolutely no idea how to work so I can challange myself/learn something new. If I come up with some sort of a plot and what not I'll definitely get around to doing one.

Once again thank you so much for the review!

Getting better!
The quizzes are more diverse, my only gripe is that, once again, the history quiz is U.S.A. based only.
I like the multiple paths, great improvement.
The girls should have some sort of voice acting, it's sexy when they talk to you :P
And once again, the art really needs improvement. Like someone has said, maybe partner up with an artist?
Overall fun, but the sex scenes aren't very appealing.

frankly it was a good idea. i liked the story a bit but there are some minor issues i want to refer too.
Like it wasnt bad but it wasnt very good either. The graphics were not great since there wasnt much detail when having sex with the succubi and the sounds were also loops. i'm sure you will improve tho because i have seen your other games aswell. And it was further more a good job cheers mate!
p.s. it was pretty irritating restarting the story everytime i screwed up you could like make an intro and then when you die let it start over at where you choose the door you want to enter.
Graphics: 5/10
Sounds: 4/10
Story: 7/10
Interactions: 6/10

Bio... FUCK.. worse part to get me stuck in.. xD

I'm smart.. but I couldn't handle Bio class, mainly for how fast they were going and how much drama i had in my life.