Reviews for "Going Down"

This is the best parody I've ever played. This is a fantastic satire of the meet n' fuck games and other bullshit "quiz for sex" games.

My only criticism is the sex scenes are...well, composed of like five frames. Maybe add more positions or frames?

Anyway, loved it.

You must enjoy insulting the players, I can't recall how many intelligence insults were tossed at the player during this game. Ironically in the English section of the quiz, right after yet another insult was hurled about the users competence of the English language, you misspelled "problem" with "problem". 2 stars.

i'll give you 4 stars good game interesting facts


Q: What does the mitochondia do in a cell?
R: They help generate ATP for the cell

Q: What type of cell has a cell wall?
R: A plant cell

Q: How do sex cells reproduce?
R: Meiosis

Q: What is mitosis?
R: A division of a cell which results in two daughter cells

Q: What does ATP stand for?
R: Adenosine triphosphate

Q: WHich is the first enzyme used in DNA synthesis?
R: Helicase


Q: What does deduct mean?
R: TO subtract

Q: That is another word for envy?
R: Jealousy

Q: What does drawback mean?
R: A disadvantage

Q: What is another word for integrity?
R: Honor

Q: What is hulabaloo?
R: A bunch of noise

Q: What does fragmental mean?
R: Consisting of small parts


Q: What is the capital of Spain?
R: Madrid

Q: Which continent is Luxembrug on?
R: Europe

Q: What is the capital of the Czech Republic?
R: Prague

Q: What is the capital of Wisconsin?
R: Madison

Q: Where are the Ural Mountains located?
R: Russia and Kazachstan

Q: Where is Estonia located?
R: Northern Europe


Q: WHo was the first president of the US?
R: George Washigton

Q: What does the second amendment allow?
R: The right of bear arms

Q: When did the Boston Tea Party occur?
R: 1773

Q: What was the Underground Railroad?
R: A network of people who helped slaves flee from the SOuthern States to the North

Q: Who proposed the idea of the separation of church and state?
R: Thomas Jefferson

Q: When did the American Civil War start?
R: 1861


Q: What do horses eat?
R: Carrots

Q: What is generally seen as an acceptable form of celebrating Christmas?
R: Spending time with ine's family

Q: What do most people use flags for?
R: Showing an allegiance to a given nation or cause

Q: What can a rock do?
R: Not much, it's a fucking rock you idiot

Q: Which of the following grows on trees?
R: Apples

Q: Which of the following animals lives in the ocean?
R: Fish

ok, a NICE game, overall!

i enjoyed this alot. first off, the nacho joke, i LOVED IT. i selected this almost every time i restarted the game, it was pretty fun....

now, about the game play. the buttons, and the quizzes were good, and the trivia/knowledge about them was pretty good.
i liked that you had 3 ''lives'' available in each quiz, so that if you did a mistake, you could try better at an other answer.
also, i liked that if you won a game, (lets say the ''biology class''), and you only had 1 heart/life remaining, in the next game/quiz, you had 3 hearts, so that you can have a sporting chance in the game to win! nice move.

what i didnt liked tho, was that if you chose a ''bad'' ending, or if you lost a quiz, it didnt had any checkpoints, and you had to replay the whole game again! AGAIN!
dude, you must always add checkpoints, and especially when it comes to quizzes.

tho, to be fair, everything else in this game was AWESOME, man!
i liked the evil demon girls, the drawings were pretty, and the sex scenes were cool.
i also enjoyed the humor in this game, and the answers that you could say to the receptionist at the start of the game, kinda funny (you dont sound too cheery, ''you have nachos?!'' etc etc) very nice addition.

i liked the surprise-twist-ending of the game, where you had to choose between leaving hell, and living your life again (i chose that on my first play), and ruling hell forever.
both endings had an awfully pessimistic and sad ending in them, and it was pretty depressing, but oh well!

i guess living life again was the best ending, because you can live your life again fully, and then when you die, you can go back in hell, and have an other try at the quizzes, haha :D

lastly, my score was OK, in the biology class, i did GREAT (flawless) in the english class, i was mediocre in the geography class, and i did GREAT in the history class.
a good game overall, and pretty funny, i enjoyed it alot.

if you like, you can make a sequel or two.
but remember what i said about adding checkpoints at some parts of the game.
it will help the game alot!

anyway, great job, keep it up, and do more!