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Reviews for "3D Maneuver Gear Fail"

Short sadly. Really good animation, voice acting was okay, just need a better mic. funny though!

That was really good, you should try doing longer animations with story and that stuff, that would be perfect.

But they train for that not to happen since they've had 2,000 years to make that not happen

other then that it's alright

You would've earned a five from me if you had a couple other people slam into something or flail about right after him. Other than that it's pretty decent.

Very, very short. The art is very nice but the animation leaves much to be desired. Simple frame by frame things such as the tears could be much better - you've done RHG battles, this should be your strong suit. The rope was also really weird - just a white line with no texture?

Again, the art is strong and I especially like the shading but the animation could have used some more time put into it to make it smoother and more consistent.