Reviews for "My Monster Ex's"

I like it.
Clearly this was made by amateurs, but both the artwork and gameplay was done pretty well.
The only fault i can find is that toward the end the game lag a bit and slow down.

A solid game with simple controls, a straight forward storyline, humorous sound effects, and a main character with a badass slide. Oh, and of course, power ups. I enjoyed it. Strong work.

Good stuff, like the style.

completed way before i could upgrade it all, and didnt get to try medusa :/ still good game

There's six ex's, that includes the boy, or the dad whatever.

Special Attacks

Roxie: Magic Hands
Johari: String Shot
Carmilla: Bomber Bat
Paz: Timberwolf

???: Fire Trident
Medusa Sight freezes everybody.