Reviews for "Leave Me A Clone"

This game is similar to IWBTG in terms of the precision required to complete a level with 3 stars, this might be frustrating to some people, but everyone should be able to finish it without scoring par.

this game is simply fun and easy.

I am way to much of a perfectionist to be good at this game. I must have played level 4 about 50 times before deciding I didn't need three stars on every level.

no major amount of thinking required in the levels i've gotten through (im up to lvl15). however, i am trying to get 3 stars on all lvls, and the degree of precision required starts to reach the area of 'completely ridiculous'. can potentially become a rage quit game for completionists such as myself. i am starting to jab the 'R' key rather hard at times lol

I think it still needs a little something to make it interesting. A story perhaps? more abilities than simple clones? elemental clones maybe? clones that reacts according to its environment?

TinSleeves responds:

Thanks for the advice SalBB, I'm thinking about making a squeal with different powers and abilities