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Reviews for "I Was Alone"

beautiful and sad but i loved it simply brilliant

I'm sorry to say, but this is bad. Very bad. This may be a very personal topic for you, but I honestly wish it was handled differently. It may be that I have a prejudice against this type of game, but I really don't like the kind of game that embodies the generic art game template that this and many other games follow. The melodramatic, minimalist piano music, the barely designed levels, the sappy dialogue, the inability to go left, it's all here on prominent display; and it's a boring, tedious slog to get through.

Aside from it being boring mechanics wise, I really don't think that it fits well with the message you tried to convey. From what I saw, you tried to convey the loss of somebody near and dear to your heart, somebody you've formed a seemingly unbreakable bond with over a period of time and yet these mechanics don't show that. They don't show how much you love this somebody or even why you love them. If anything, from what I described earlier, it describes the exact opposite. You go through "the motions" of a relationship, something happens, and you aren't together anymore.

Ultimately, I feel that this game suffers from one main thing. It is way too vague. One of the best examples of this is story. You told us that you were madly in love with her and that you would do anything for this woman even though we as an audience have no reason to believe that statement. Show us why you love her. What makes her special? Does she have any quirks that you liked? How did you meet? Give us characters, not caricatures. You say her world is crumbling, why? Why can't you help her? Why did her death lead you to your own?

Game play wise, make the levels centered around the characters you create. What you have now is a very vague interpretation of hardship in a relationship. I'm going to be very blunt and say, there's nothing special about the levels you made. They're just black bars and platforms and a goal to get to. This game has the potential to be a very visceral game. Capturing a wide range of emotions from love to heartbreak to unbearable depression and everything in between. That begins and ends with the game play reinforcing the story. Make me feel all of the emotions this game has to offer.

If I could condense all that I said in this review, it would be this. The game as it is, is unfinished. The story is vague and uninteresting and the game play is generic crap. I feel that you need to spend time strengthening the story and the characters. Have the levels complement the deeper story you create and ultimately capture the essence of all the emotion you could possibly get out of this piece. Your love was special, right? Give it the visceral, passionate, emotionally charged game it deserves.


Wow...just wow man. :(

Oh my God, this is truly a very beautiful and sad game, I could totally feel what the protagonist was feeling.
Just one thing though, I don't know if you were serious in the end and I know it's none of my bussiness, but in the case you were, I beg you, please don't do it.

So sorry for your loss :(