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Reviews for "Mooniverse"

wow catchy music

10/5 stars great game, awesome sound track went with the movements of the little naked astronaut, i had a blast playing this game altho i got stuck in space for 5 min, to the point there was no stars or planets around me but my body found its way back home, keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing the next game you make!

You did a good job on this the music had me dancing. I truly enjoyed this.

The music was awesome even after beating it I just had fun jumping, and floating around without trying to beat it during my next play through. Really short though. I found the house on the 2nd screen on accident after about 30 seconds of playing. The arrow indicator wasn't even pointing at it, and was trying to lead me to a portal instead. xD Looking forward to more of your games!

i love that smile at the end