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Reviews for "Red Road Rage"

Good game, nice mayhem and insane genre, but...

But the car handles unnaturally... barely accelerates well in 1st gear, yet spins out and skids at 3x the speed is was crawling, and kills 3 to 7 seconds off the clock by being out of control. Hits light objects and loses momentum, yet slams heavy ones... and they disappear, without changing speed or direction.

This is a driving game... not being able to drive predictably is _BAD_

Also, chick does crazy things. (With regards to shooting, not shooting and picking her reload times, not with her top. Also bad.)

ive played many of this sort of games and i realy like this one good game (:

It's like Carmageddon 64 except not as good.

The graphics are a bit dirty and the controls respond in a strange heavy way.Good music tough.

Been there, done that. Mechanics are so so. Music is fine. Game play is on par with 2002. Storyline is tacked on at the end.