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Reviews for "The Hellhole"

That was an awesome flash. I had to see it all the way through before I could really appreciate it.

5 stars!

Well, the animation is a little stiff, so I would have to give you a 4 for that, BUT, the point of the whole thing more than makes up for that. Sometimes its more about the meaning behind, rather than the actual medium used to express it. And of course, Sexual Lobsters song kicked total ass. I think that was a good choice for your piece.

wow, what a wonderful movie!
it started out good, it progressed to better, and ended up AWESOME!
i believe that sexual lobster should feel happy and proud that you used one of his songs in your movie!
this was a really good movie, that showed us a great message, so i will not stand alot in that, i will simply say that this movie had a meaningfull, and good message for life. we should live life, and be free.

other than that, i loved the humour parts, like when the old castaway was playing chess with his dog, or when his bags wrote ''dried up fruit'', or ''more dried up fruit (GREAT!!!)'' hahahaha...
also i saw wilson on the man's cave, good touch, and clever joke about the castaway....
also, many little details, like the visualisation of the young man's escape plans, and i loved the parts were the young man draws the old castaway, and his dog, and they pose like ancient greek statues, lol! good one.
oh, and the face expressions, and the faces overall were superb.
amazing work right there. very emotional, and very good.
this movie was almost flawless, had humour and i loved every part of it.
you have incredible skills, and you should do more.
keep at it! you rock!111

What a fantastic movie! I wish that there is a sequel to this.

Really love the art style. Story was also good despite no dialogue. Keep up the great work!