Reviews for "The Invincible Bloargh"

Funny I liked it pretty much never seen a parody of dark souls based on it's glitches.

I remember thing pre-patch. The Antiquated Skirt was one of the best armours in the game. Luckily my main character at the time was female so it suited her quite well. Second time watching this video. Funny as hell. A cross dressing barbarian character sounds rather cool.

Pretty damn good. Loved it.
I like what was done with the shadows in the beginning. "Thousand years just swirling the water" that was funny. The voicework from Bloargh was hard to hear though.

Great, it was funny, well drawn and animated and all in all it's not only a pass but I expect it to see it on the front page.

I have to say the credits at the end sold it for me! some of the audio could have been clearer, but overall it was a clever animation!