Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite X"

This Rules!

Miss Dynamite Rules Make More! Make More!

if you dont like it, bite me.

iv'e always loved this series, so its no surprise that id give it a review like this. Plus, the tellitubbies vs scary spice had me falling out of my seat laughing! I look foward to the rest of the series.
(ps= visit Western Australia, we could use the tourism!) seeya.

Sirkowski responds:

So many places to visit =)

sweet man, I'm HUGE fan!!!

Hey, all you horny guys out there complaining about them not bein nekked, well, I know for a fact that in at least 3 of these miss dynamite movies u can see Eva and/or Blackie, AT LEAST topless. And guys, check out www.missdynamite.com It's awesome! I got myself a fan-club membership! Sirkowski, you rule!!!


These girls are fine! Try clicking the right eye to see Eva topless.

make them english

plz make them english soon