Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite X"

So, like, where'd you get , uh, yer drugs, man...?

That was pretty wicked... ya know, you scared me there when the film got trippy 'n stuff... I thought it was, like, for real... Keep up the, like, good work, man....... I need a bubble bath....... OH! Hey, by the way, "We don't want to go back to tomorrow, we want to go forward."
--Vice President Dan Quayle


I can't get enough of these animations! Well done man. You are my super hero now...... I am gonna start a cult. Sirkowski followers. We will sacrifice pizza boys and backstreet boys for you! Maybe not. Someone has probably already started one. =)

P.S The teletubbies and bill gates just cracked me up! You are a funny fucker.

Fun mini-game

Click on her right eye to see her tits

Sirkowski responds:

No, no! He's lying! ; ) hihihi!

Love your artwork!

I definately want to see you do more with your artwork. The clothing game was definately promising. You're doing great!

Wow! I've never even heard of this. This was amazingly entertaining. Very funny and wild too. Chaos, blood and humor all rolled into a spicy cartoon. Even included Bill gates and the teletubbies! Wonderful. The animation was even tight. Good job