Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite X"




Bill Gates got shot! weeee! Teletubbies and Scary Spice fighting! weeee! This was weird, but brilliant.

monty python

i see you borrowed " ... and now for something completely different" from monty python's flying circus major points for that


That was pretty funny, although the Tellytubbys kinda freaked me out a little. On a side note the Bill Gates thing was really funny.

I love how you say it's no porno. It's an interesting title at least. Loved the joke about not talking too much off. That's a silhouette of a Teletubby. Oh yeah, of course they'd appear. There's just one great joke after another. Like how she said the pizza guy's part was over.

A pity Scary Spice had no dialogue. There were two lines of subtitles on screen at once! This may have been a little too short. It was still very fun. This was 2000 quality flash.