Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite X"

coming along nicely

very good mr. sirkowski...very good...sorry i didnt give the last one a 10, but thats before my "give everything a 10" days...

Hell yeah, make more

This is really good, even if it's one of the craziest things I've ever seen (especially the freaky telletubbie sequence.) Vote this high, cuz it sure deserves it!

really funny shit!!

this was a great movie!! except the part when scary spice died. i mean, come on, she could win against the teletubbies!! but other than that it was really funny! i just want to know what gave you the idea to use a spice girl? good graphics and killing some of the backstreet boys made this such a good movie!!

Sirkowski responds:

I really have no clue about Scary Spice =) I guess she's just scary...

Psychadelically Humorous

That was definately the strangest one yet but I loved the 'Twin Peaks' backdrop during the drug trip!And the animation for the transforming head was very nicely done.

this is funny

i like this series it is very funny, and you know that you are whacked when you see the teletubies attacking a spice girl