Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite X"

Such a classic!

Nice film

So this was another nice one in the series I like the idea of Easter eggs but you need to ad much more of them that would be an improvement in itself but that's just an idea and I know these are a tad bit old but thaught I would throw it at you

More Easter eggs


Absolutely surreal. Minigame in the preloader was hilarious. Perfect bait and switch, done right. It's also nice to have some self-aware comedy, unafraid to make fun of itself as well as the real world.

I love how you say it's no porno. It's an interesting title at least. Loved the joke about not talking too much off. That's a silhouette of a Teletubby. Oh yeah, of course they'd appear. There's just one great joke after another. Like how she said the pizza guy's part was over.

A pity Scary Spice had no dialogue. There were two lines of subtitles on screen at once! This may have been a little too short. It was still very fun. This was 2000 quality flash.

Wow! I've never even heard of this. This was amazingly entertaining. Very funny and wild too. Chaos, blood and humor all rolled into a spicy cartoon. Even included Bill gates and the teletubbies! Wonderful. The animation was even tight. Good job