Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite X"

Love your artwork!

I definately want to see you do more with your artwork. The clothing game was definately promising. You're doing great!

I love it

Man I love this stuff! Music in the end was a bit fucked up, but overall it's great! Don't gice a shit what other shitbag's say, your movies are SWEET!!!!! But you know what would be even more cooler, in my opinion, put some nudity in to it..............

Man, I love the Miss Dynamite Series!

This one would be much better if you were wacthing it when high or extreamly wasted.

nice movie

thats a nice move.i like all the stories in one.thats what makes a move good if you ask me i think all movies on tv have more than one storie.


I can't believe you guys get the telli-tubies over there. You must think English people are crazy.

did well to keep this at 700kb