Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite X"

Hmm the 'voice actors' link on the credit page doesn't seem to work... could it really have been broken the past... 17 years?! :|

Great segment otherwise! It's started to shape up, in terms of violence and all else I remember this show by, and I don't think I noticed that Easter Egg on the title game last time I tried this! Nice one. :) So nostalgic tabbing around to find secret buttons too... and seeing something less than a MB mentioned as a big file, the times sure have changed since then. All in all great stuff, crazy, random, violent; simple-minded fun. Onto the sequel!


great cool art like allways yo


funny that the teletubbies popped out of nowhere

HAHA! Love the easter egg.

I've watched this series since I was young and it's still funny. P.S. Click her pupil ^_^

ouais lol

sous-titre francais :D