Reviews for "Wanderers"

Nice story

Beautiful writing of plot and a great ending. Hope your career blossoms!

awww cliffhanger so unfair mate! what happens next?
beautiful animation and beautiful movie, at first i though the red figure didn't care much for the blue since he was always ahead of it but then that ending!
great work hope you'll make more of it

Frontpage? Hells yes. Award? Falcon rights.

This was beautifully animated, and well represents "Journey".
What made this flash all the more exciting, was the little adventurous journey our hero went on, along with his/her newfound friend. Added value in the length of this piece. A short submission on Journey wouldn't cut it, and luckily, you've avoided the idea, by incorporating many elements from the game, key points that stood out as we played. And lastly, I hope the lil fellas earned their whites after their journey. I'm on my 6th or 7th, and still rockin' the orange.

Dualfinger responds:

Thanks, I actually got a response from one of the developers on my vimeo channel. I nearly died when that happened :)

Great job dude!
I'm not sure if it's your style or whatever but to me the faces looked a bit to small :/ Other than that the animation was fluid! :)