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Reviews for "Cap and Bat Dance off 2"

How did i get here...Anyway,this was epic

ForNoReason responds:

I know

Was waiting way too long for the music to change in the game itself. XD That's what you get for trying to figure out secrets via reviews... fun little thing though. For no reason though it may be!


Okay, this game is silly, but actually pretty entertaining if you have nothing else to do. Watching Batman dance and Captain America trying to dance with combat moves for some reason kept me on this page like it was almost hypnotizing me. But other than that momentous joy and waiting a few minutes for a couple medals, this is just plain silly. Of course that's what you were going for, right?

ForNoReason responds:

INDEED! Thanks!

not reall much of a game, by the way how do you get the press play already medal. i press play and no medal, is it broken? p m me please or reply to post

ForNoReason responds:

You must have patience my friend...

We watched the birth and death of techno.
During this whole period, we rarely danced.
Once viewing this, it became apparent the time to dance is now, for the techno has resurrected.

ForNoReason responds: