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Reviews for "GG Animated: Iron Mike"

This is a review.

lol awesome!

no mike tyson no don't doit... nobody wants to visit your house and much less your bed

man, this was EPIC!
a great animation, very fast paced, and fluid animation style, and also, i LOVED the face expressions, and the lip-syncing, it was perfect!
it had lots of humour, and it was very epic, i mean it was wonderful!
my favorite parts: ''can i wink at him? can i do that in the game? because i would love to do that on the ring, but i'm scared''
''can i tell you a secret? im gonna ruin your life, but dont tell anybody?''

truly great and funny stuff right here, man, your animation made this thing great!
keep it up, and make more!

you had me in stitches man. good job :)