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Reviews for "GG Animated: Iron Mike"

Holy ROFL. I couldn't even stop Laughing at this at all. Very Hilarious and Awesome. Ima beat the Shit outta You

Good stuff. That portrayal of Mike Tyson is hilarious.

It's looking like you have to be a grumps fan for this to be funny. But to a grumps fan it's funny as shit! I was hoping somebody would do this one.

Animation was fine, source material wasn't.

as we all love game grumps and did very well on animating this. I have seem a rather large volume of game grumps shorts. but after you seem about 50 of them they start to lose the point of doing it, as in if everyone else is doing it why not me? right? right . well I always favor skill and original content. Over following a trend. 4 out of five for your skills. hopefully I get to see you create something from your mind one day when you do I will give you a five out of five. Great work and keep at it. :D

McBinkles responds:

fair enough. this is likely the last time i'll animate someone else's jokes anyway, I much prefer writing my own :)