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Reviews for "The Desolated: Prologue"

Good animation. The only thing that I would change is lower the volume of the music so I can hear the guys a little more.

verrry nice prologue you got here dude animation was nice and smooth voice acting was excellent and clear keep it up guys.

First off, great song choice with MJK in the beginning! Animation was indeed well done (although far from the best I've seen). You had the whole "film noir" thing going on pretty well, but that's where the good ends. The script was the worst part since it sounded so artificial, it was then coupled with a slightly below average voice acting. All in all, try something that hasn't been made hundreds of times before, whether it's stick animation or not :)

Very promising start. http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/
xiaoxiao if you want to see some old school stick animations. Not sure if Zhu started it all or not, but interesting stuff and the first I was aware of it before the style became popular. A lot of the Xiao Xiao stuff is dowdy compared with the modern refinements of the Stick genre, but I would look to it for some basic ideas for later animations. Course, lots of good stuff on Stickpage, too. :)

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