Reviews for "Hobo 7 - Heaven"


Hobo 8 please !!!!!!!

Please make Hobo 8 and the story that Hobo is back to earth

Please make an 8th. I'm hoping you'd add co-op so that me and my friends can enjoy it together XD. And I have a suggestion. I'd like to see a younger version of Hobo. Before he became a hobo maybe. As a story element. Or maybe he's stranded on an island. Or maybe he goes to Hollywood or Las Vegas battling out celebrities. Or he is on a plane filled with zombies. Or he becomes a mermaid and battles our sea monsters. or his ancenstor battles dinosaurs. Or maybe the hobo travels back in time with his future self to stop a chaos from happening and the plot twist will be that the Hobo himself is the future ruler of chaos and the final boss. But you can do what you want. It's been a very long while since i played this game. Its been years and i could say that this comedy beat em up game for me is a rival for the serious hack n slash game Armed with Wings.

Hobo has battled god. I was hoping Hobo would end up in some cosmic warp and become God himself then re create all of life in his glorious hobo form. Then we unlock arena mode where we fight all the enemies from all the games except with a hobo head super imposed over them.

SeethingSwarm responds:

That sounds amazing! You make me wish that I did something like that. I'm really glad you enjoyed this old series of mine. It was a lot of fun to make it. Thanks for the comments and the 5 stars!