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Reviews for "Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

I wish there was some animations of attacking creatures, not only symbols and more strategy, by adding possibility to move creatures, close and range attacks, etc. The look of creatures didnt impress me also. They are some kind of insipid. But nice concept.

I clicked on the gem slot titled SoGood, and unlocked the other gemslots, but when i got back to this page, my game was messed up, i couldn't give my i was stuck in the minion storage screen, but all i could do was move my character with the movement keys, and use the menu, so i saved, and reloaded the page, i get back on, my character is not on the screen, i can only move up or down, but my character is gone, i cant go far in either direction, i', in a hall, like one one one of the floors, at the corner in the hall shaped like this.

(The smaller, rectangular box, crossing, the hall, is where my character is able to move)

I ------------------------
I I I_ I

P.S. it's one of the hallways that you'd expect to see in the first 3 floors, with green carpet, and the symbol of courage on the wall.

The game itself is fairly well done and thought out- however- especially of late, I've been having a large number of buggy issues. Game refusing to let me shuffle monsters between pages- or loading on the wrong side of a wall, and in one case loading where I couldn't see where I was or move from that spot.

Lastly- losing stars when you re-play a level with a weaker team is ridiculous and discourages training new teams.

If there is a second version of this game here are something's that you can do:

1. Add customization for the characters, because they look good, but maybe people would like to change it up a bit
2. Don't make the battles so tedious, because they can get boring after a while
3. Last thing, make sure you have all the bugs fixed before you make the game, because I was trying to click on some of my "minions" to give them some gems or something along the lines of that and some of the "minions" pictures wouldn't show up.

This game is good but it could use some improvements and I look forward to seeing a second game because this totally deserves a squeal.

I also had a problem with the saving system because I saved it once the had to go to bed and when I came back to the game the next day it wasn't there the three slots were just "new slot" so maybe you can get that fixed for a squeal.

Same issue as a guy below me, spent hours on this game, saved and went to bed only to wake and find my save data gone. I absolutely loved the gameplay but without saves working this could not be any more annoying