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Reviews for "Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

Response to D-Flare's review
You can return to previous floors for more money and new minions, you have to completely leave the floor and return from the floor select. I think you have to complete it again every time before you can refresh that floor again. (Don't use the 'save and return to lobby' option, go through the door at the end after choosing another egg.) The same minions are in the same spot eggs not random. (I'm pretty sure, I only checked twice so far but did get the same minion from the same egg twice.)
I do agree with D-Flare tough that it is extremely annoying that you are force to take the first egg you select. (I don't yet know if all eggs per floor are unique, I still have to check on that.) I've only collected the first seal so far, but I am liking this game very much

I LIKE THE BUT what is with the numbers the opponent number 3 then it become 1

Awesome game!

One minor things that bugged me though why not just give us the map to start with, or make it a purchasable item, as having to find the map giver n each stage just seemed unnecessary.

My team that carries me through the game until i got the titans was:
Titoro - full reflect skills
Cerberus - High fire/Earth damage
Blazebar - all damage resistance skills, full taunt ability, equiped with nothing but life gems
Foramare - Healing
Domisteam - high robotic damage against two targets

Good game and all but it doesnt freaking save. All my level 60s monsters are gone cause you cant make the save work? F you.

It's a fun game but it feels a little too much like a copy of Pokemon.