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Reviews for "Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

wont load

This game ithis one diferent pokemon

Ok so i was having a lot of fun playing this game up until the first level of the fifth seal.

the "student" at the far end of that level, the one that has the 3 falconar's or w/e they are called. The blue birds that use windstorm and have retarded agility. You know the fight you decided to combine 3 bubbles with a team that has insane agility so they always go first and you have to eat 3 windstorms that one shot's 4 out of 5 of your team while mocking you with a "Not Effective" message as your life bar drains from full to zero? Yeah you should do something about that.

I mean i died here and there and had to switch around some skill points which made the game more interesting. But a fight that i have to do 20 times to get 4 levels above the enemy and get the right RnG with bubbles to barely win took away most of my motivation. I can stand the enemy healer being in a bubble the entire fight. I can stand being forced to kill an enemy i didnt want to kill because his friend got bubbled on a reincarnation map and then watching the whole other team get up one after the other because i couldn't end the fight as planned. I can even stand getting crit 4 times in one fight when i have not seen my minions land a single crit the entire time i was playing. But i cant stand having to wait for that "lucky" fight to beat some trivial student. If it was the last boss i would have been happy, but it wasn't.

TL:DR Get rid of the bubbles on both teams. They are just annoying and turn strategy into "i hope the bubble moves to my other minion so i can maybe win."

This game is amazing. its just like pokemon. Awesome game toychestgames

i recommend you play its just lik pokemon on the ds! awesome