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Reviews for "Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

Fun :)

Your game is good and is very enjoyable but every time i return to the game after going to the other website in order to unlock the extra gem slots the game freezes.
Please fix this issue right away.

Response to D-Flare's review
You can return to previous floors for more money and new minions, you have to completely leave the floor and return from the floor select. I think you have to complete it again every time before you can refresh that floor again. (Don't use the 'save and return to lobby' option, go through the door at the end after choosing another egg.) The same minions are in the same spot eggs not random. (I'm pretty sure, I only checked twice so far but did get the same minion from the same egg twice.)
I do agree with D-Flare tough that it is extremely annoying that you are force to take the first egg you select. (I don't yet know if all eggs per floor are unique, I still have to check on that.) I've only collected the first seal so far, but I am liking this game very much

This game the battle system seems to be great, and gives a lot of room.....which makes the downsides to this even more disappointing.

At first it seems to be very exciting game, choosing, and naming your character..and the first person you meet depending on your answer gives boost to your 'minions.' The first two you start with are pretty cool, and I like them. I like the talent trees, and different ways you can go in battle. You can also re-set and try something different and new. So that's cool. Also your character has their own talents to aid their pets in battle. Also pets do 'grow' to become stronger as well. The gems are pretty handy, if you willing to use your points into money that is. Also different battles might have different things in like the shields. But..those I find bit annoying cause it by chance could give the enemy the completely upper hand..though it can help you out in it....now...here's what drops hard...

You can't choose your 'minions.' I mean, yes you can choose from eggs, but you don't know what inside the egg. So it is pure chance to get something you really want, or really hate. It's really make an shame that all the other things you can customized to shame. Why I have an goblin where I can have the snake or something else? I also check, you can't go back, and beat the people and try to get something else. It's just really really disappointing.

And the save is messy. First time I play though, and I accidentally refresh, it didn't save. The 2nd time around I made sure to save before picking the pet..So I can choose something more I want to use...but guess what? Now it auto-saves..No seriously. it auto saves after I got the pet, so I had to stick to what I choose. It also saves to my other character even though I click save...So I guess if you want it to save, save once and you don't have to worry about anymore. But it just goes hand-to-hand to people get out of first time do to forgetting to save, and also you can't pick your pet.

Also....your..character talents are pretty useless...I mean some useful..but...I mean. One of them is movement speed..really? You can reset it, so I suppose not big problem...but...really? If I want to go somewhere fast, I have to put it in movement speed, then reset for exp or..better said money. You only get money the first time you beat them, so better have it on when you go at it. Then swing it to exp for raising minions. Reset it don't make it big easier, but...I still don't really see the point they don't give you money the 2nd time you battle them, I suppose not to get over-power, but what's the point putting states in anything else the first time you battle them? And you already know movement.

So, 3.5 starts are my review. The flaws really brings it down, but it is still a fun enjoyable game. if you not that really caring what you got, and enjoy customizing skills, and don't mind your character talent kinda fall of. Then you enjoy it regardless.