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Reviews for "Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

Coming back to an old game i really liked cause why not

I clicked on the gem slot titled SoGood, and unlocked the other gemslots, but when i got back to this page, my game was messed up, i couldn't give my i was stuck in the minion storage screen, but all i could do was move my character with the movement keys, and use the menu, so i saved, and reloaded the page, i get back on, my character is not on the screen, i can only move up or down, but my character is gone, i cant go far in either direction, i', in a hall, like one one one of the floors, at the corner in the hall shaped like this.

(The smaller, rectangular box, crossing, the hall, is where my character is able to move)

I ------------------------
I I I_ I

P.S. it's one of the hallways that you'd expect to see in the first 3 floors, with green carpet, and the symbol of courage on the wall.

Awesome game!

One minor things that bugged me though why not just give us the map to start with, or make it a purchasable item, as having to find the map giver n each stage just seemed unnecessary.

My team that carries me through the game until i got the titans was:
Titoro - full reflect skills
Cerberus - High fire/Earth damage
Blazebar - all damage resistance skills, full taunt ability, equiped with nothing but life gems
Foramare - Healing
Domisteam - high robotic damage against two targets

This game is awesome

It's an awesome game! But, honestly (SPOILER AHEAD) Legolas was a bit too much XD