Reviews for "Shadow Hunter - Extended"

This is crazy dope! Reminds me of Frank Millers work, wow, man I'd love to do some voice acting for anything you work out! Truly one of the greatest pieces I've seen thus far! Great work!

Mother of god, this trailer is godam god.
someone could have a boner with no aparent reason watching this.
10 ATA 10

….holy shit.

Wow! I love it! Story line is Great! The Voice Acting is Great! The Animation is Great! You put allot of effort into this and I love it!....And With the main Character at the Grave saying "Oh my god...", Does that mean hes....You know.... I don't wanna Be a spoiler... But Great! I Love it So much that I'm giving it 5 Stars! You must be a Great artist too! Well, I'm also Inspired to do more art and to Write Story's....Thank you so much! This is why I visit Newgrounds often!

This looks awesome! Like Max Payne crossed with the Darkness. The animation is great and the music is just as good too. So please forgive the nitpicking when I ask , ``Do you have a better mic? The voice acting really is good, but the quality that it is presented in sounds a little lackluster in comparison to the rest." Maybe only I hear it, but it seems a little grainy...if that's even the right word lol. Anyway, great animation with what seems to be a great story. Looking forward to a full release!

deweydarklight responds:

Thanks a lot. No worries, I just recently bought a professional microphone, so the quality of my voice over work will be improving as I continue working on it. I definite wasn't using the best equipment when I was putting this together hehe. Doing my best to improve in all aspects.