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Reviews for "Cloud Wars - SD Extreme"

Very solid work. I played the previous version, and they are both very fun. The problem I see here is lack of instructions for the newbies. You have to keep in mind that not every player is familiar with your style. I've read other reviews and they mainly complain about balance.

I partially agree with them. I enjoy strategy and quick decision making. I mean, a aplit-second choice between pressing ctrl here can make all the difference. However, I didn't like the fact that the consequences are heavily based on luck. I mean, if you leave a cloud defenseless and you are lucky enough, the orange will attack green/pink, not you. Of course, that's a personal preference, I don't usually like games based on luck, but this may be a good point for you to work on.

But overall this is a very good game, congratulations!

Since I know the clouds have personalities yo all complain of pink and orange, but god damn the green cloud mocks me with its swarms.

The concept of this game is great, but really, sometimes the computer just makes it impossible to win. I know you said that it adapts itself to your level in this comment section, but there is no level at which being drowned out in the first second of the round is "challenging." My suggestion would then be to cap the maximum difficulty.

I like this game a lot it's just that whenever I battle against the pink clouds they always attack right at the same time when I attack and it gets annoying like I just wish that the pink cloud would go away already.Get a life you pink cloud and quit bugging and bothering me it's not cool pink cloud why doesen't the pink cloud ever be nice?I mean really.

FlappyB responds:

First time someone notices the different color clouds have different personalities. Yeah, the pink cloud can be a real pain that way. The orange one is just drowning you in attacks. And what's that green one smiling about?

I didn't quite like it as much as the previous one.

Requiring fast reflexes would be a legitimate challenge, but often you start at such a disadvantage that the ONLY way is to restart over and over till the random AI makes a mistake. If the AI's first is to send ALL his guys at you, you lose due to your starting disadvantage. So you restart till the AI chooses to do something different...which is rather lame in my opinion.

FlappyB responds:

The AI is far from random.
If you screw up too often, it will go easy on you.
While you're on a winning streak it'll increase the challenge until you break.