Reviews for "TrackRacing"

it's ok, little laggy, 4/5

absolutely great game,make more like it,try making a first person shooter too.

How did you ever get permission to port and publish a Trackmania game? Were you involved in making them?

Wow, this is probably the best racing game on the entire website. It mostly works because the graphics are so awesome. I used to think I didn't want future games and stuff to have graphics like that, but this has convinced me otherwise! The only problem was that there was no sound. I must have missed something? Everything was just superb.

I'm not much for racing games, but this is just awesome! It's just so beautifully shot and has everything you'd want in a racing game on an actual console. Everything is just wonderfully slick. I appreciated everything done in making this. Takes awhile to load, but that's nothing.

Best racing game on newgrounds!