Reviews for "TrackRacing"

This is sort of fun, but it's hurt by the lack of sound and the inconsistent physics. I'm playing on a track against another user's run with the same car, yet they can make a jump that I can't. No matter how many times or how far I flashback, there isn't enough inertia to clear the gap that the other user can in the exact same car.

This game is cool, nice. And easy. I raced like 4 times and got first in all.

Oh wow, what the heck is a Cisco doing in there?

Soulkey asked me to do a review of this so I through a spotlight up on youtube.
I may not be into racing but this flash has some great technical potential.

soulkey responds:

Thanks for youtube review!

Nice Trackmania port for flash! Controls are same, it feels pretty close to the real game but the loading screens are 4x longer than the original one. I hope this will get updated. Keep it up!