Reviews for "Memento Mori"

Oh my god... That was beautiful...

A nice little metaphor! I'd consider making the platforming a little tougher because, you know, life is struggle.

This was ever so simple and sad.
I suppose in a way this game was about life as well as death. You live, you go on and on (in Momento Mori's case, up and up as you climb the clouds) only to be met by the ultimate end; death. To me, there is nothing after death and dying is the only certainty for anyone. Although, to continuously ponder this is incredibly morbid, as it's not very fun to get those "what's the point if we're all gonna die anyway?" thoughts flying through your head. If you keep in mind what I said about climbing the clouds being life, it's sad how she reaches the top only to fall right down to the very bottom again, as if all her efforts and experiences whilst living meant nothing to anyone but her and they were undone. Or, for those who believe in an afterlife, this could be where she's returning to the beginning of life to start a new one.
What was written on the clouds sounds like something my younger moody self would scribble in a notebook when feeling philosophical and kinda blue. It was a bit nice remembering those times.
Lovely simple look as well, and I feel the music suits.
Good job!

Mnemusyne responds:

Very well written review, thanks a lot for taking the time to express your thoughts on it.

This is incredible. It seems we have mutual feelings about death. And I might be scared to die, but I'm also curious as to what it's like to die. To lose sight of everything you've ever cared for. Being an atheist, I know that there is no scientific proof that a perfect god exists. So heaven and hell are figments of the imagination. However if they are real, which I highly doubt, no one has come back to prove it. Or at least have a convincing enough story to change the atheistic view. As of now, religion provides only comfort. Ultimately when you die, nothing will matter. My question is- when one dies, the physical body decomposes, but what about the conscience? Is it left to wander disembodied? Just imagine that. All these voices screaming at the living to discover them. And what about parallel worlds?

Shit. That was depressing.
But still, you made a great job with this game. It certainly makes you feel something, and think about it.