Reviews for "Memento Mori"

Did your cat die or something? Talk about lame.

The question of consciousness after death is more complex than can be explained by a priest or a mopy Newgrounds contributor.

Here's just a hint of the alternatives both to the religious, and these nihilistic atheists:

http://www.libertariannews.org/2012/0 1/18/logical-proofs-of-infinite-exter nal-consciousness/

i think about this everyday, and wounder why I'm even trying in life. i always answer the same way. i try in life so other people will know of what i achieved and what i didn't, how i did it and how i should of. i want to be known. even its only to a few. i want to be the best i can be, not for when i die, for when I'm alive.

This is a very selfish metapor, where searching to fufill one's spiritual questions isn't taken in consideration at all.
But still, it's a metaphor nevertheless, and I like metaphores.

Oh my wow this game right here!!! It was morbidly beautiful