Reviews for "Memento Mori"

This is really well-made, I think. I especially like how you did the ending. It looked really cool. The jumping wasn't hard, which I am very glad for. I didn't find any problems with it. Good job!

Actually,I used to think of these when I was in grade 4.We can't really imagine how we are going to be unconscious forever,as if sleeping to infinity,without dreams.Anyhow,no one could have tell exactly how we would be after we die,and so that no one could have prove if god exists or sth,could they?>-<
So why don't we just enjoy our precious time and forget about negative despairing deaths?Ignore all those unpleasing times since one day you will

As far as animation goes, the game was fine, I like finding these short games in basement-sites. I think your argument was poorly presented in addition to the bad grammar displayed on the cloud asking how "you" felt in Ancient Rome. The entire game was easily predictable, however I still got that slight lurch when I started falling.

I suggest that you attempt a longer game like Coma by Mr. Brush or Aether, cut down on the ideals and reflect what would be deemed appropriate and non-provocative to the player. Right when the bombing began I lost all interest.

One way to prevent yourself from climbing up the clouds of negative thoughts is to jump down. I am not talking about suicide. Stop thinking and carry on.

its a very dark game. short. but really really dark.
good game. music fit. game play was smooth. the sad ending really brought me down but i liked it. wouldnt change a thing but maybe the animation for when you jump. (thought i was a bird).

side note...
in my own opinion you are wrong. For even if immorality is unreachable life does not end at death. Even if there is no god not even death can take my feelings away. My love my hate my happiness nor sorrow.
For my beliefs will rub off on this world and even though i would be carried in the hearts of those who love me and the stories that are told about me i be leave that even without a body, a heart, a mouth, my feelings will last far beyond what we could ever understand. that they would last forever. floating out there and effecting the world in many ways.

Thank you
it really made me stop and think again about life and death.
Yours Turely