Reviews for "Memento Mori"

Morbidly depressing, but great!

Dannato bastardo.
Mi ero fatto queste elucubrazioni anni fa e ci avevo messo settimane per dimenticarle.
Fortuna che ora io conosco il significato della vita e dell'esistenza, altrimenti passerei un altro mese in totale depressione.

Damn bastard.
I had made these speculations years ago and I had spent weeks to forget them.
Fortunately now I know the meaning of life and existence, otherwise I would spend another month in total depression.

you can't reach immortality within life
i liked it

A good game with a good animation, music and question. However I disagree with the "there is no God thing." But I understand that is your own opinion. Also having everything go dark and stop is a nice touch reminds me of a game called "One Day Left"

i like it the short story the ending was good am ya i like it