Reviews for "Memento Mori"

I get where you were going but it was underdeveloped, even for an art game.

AHHH little girl was sooooo emo HER OWN THOUGHTS KILLED HER

While it did bring the thought that we don't live forever up, it sounded like some depressed teenager's reasons for not 'fitting in'. It just felt like someone, depressed, trying to portray their depression onto someone else, not even making a point other than trying to make others feel sad that they won't live forever. If 'enjoy the time you have' was added, then it would be a real message. Though it is just what you said, your feelings, your depression, and your reasons for whatever this expressions will be the next excuse for.

Mnemusyne responds:


This the most depressing game. I don't even want to ....

Great game, It basically matches with what I think too, and I loved the way the views were explained. I know it said it was a short game but it was a little too short, it took me maybe 1-2 minutes to complete the game, other than that it was great.