Reviews for "Memento Mori"

WHY?!!! T_T

weeee, I reached immortality..., nice one...

Obviously some reviewers seem to have a problem with the game because it doesn't share their beliefs. I believe it speaks out the truth. Thank you.

Nihilistic, cynical, unrealistic, whining, emo livejournal complaining that's not fun, not THOUGHTFUL, and disregards any importance one has in the world. I'm pretty sad you think this way and no, I can't relate to such ABYSMAL nihilism.

Have you ever thought ... that which causes us pain disappeared, life would have another color? I do not think this it is just a game. Your reflection can allow others to think about what really segnifica die, without giving meaning to death, rather, to understand why and what we are alive. Your message I really liked and do not think it's all dark, while realistic, covers a point that we all need to explore, that's what we do with our lives. On the other hand (and respecting your own opinion and that of others here) caught my attention that you said that God does not exist ... You mean that God does not exist because people misrepresents or what you really believe that there is someone who does no care about human beings about losing their lives? If you take things from an objective point of view and neutral, we conclude that death is an Interruption, is not it? ... then, what is that death is interrupting?(if I did not expressed myself correctly, I always can clarify)