Reviews for "Annoyed Face"

I found this pretty entertaining. Making the player able to sting the person or having to avoid as the human tries to swat the mosquito would have been cool.

The animation is good
But need to be more options
and the most irritating part is when a mosquito is flying near ur ear

nice game nice game, um i think if you add more options it would be better over all, id say 3 and a half stars

cool animation but get boring real fast

For what it is, its good... not great. The eyes don't really follow precisely and jump to points which is obvious when really close or on the edge. And it looses "realism when the mouth contorts- Left side does not "flow" with the right side well. All in all, a cool little gadget that could be made into a little game of sorts with hand avoidance and stinging- sorta like a Mr Mosquito type thing...