Reviews for "Old School Nintendo"

Blahahahahaha great!!!!!!!!

So true. You may never even pass the first level in some of the older games.

Oh god do I agree with the idea of using the old games as a punishment!

if i did that too my son he would play it all day long and he does he has a nintendo fun console

i just did wrong............5 STARS!

They don't make anything like that anymore...mine sat in a closet for about 15 years. Still works. Sat the kids down, explained how these were the games Dad played when I was a kid, and pushed the button to turn it on. Blue and green, green and red, blue and red..."Dad your games suck." "Shut up...It's tempermenta." "No wonder you guys always played outside." " I lit your tickle me Elmo on fire when you were little. "